The Blueprint

From here on out, you’ll find me posting here on Mondays. Catchup posts, posts about my books/WIPs, thoughts on the romance genre etc.

On Fridays you can find me talking about my experiences as a published author over at the From Fact to Fiction blog.

Once a month (approx), I’ll also have a post over at the Entangled Indulgence blog. (My January post is up today).

I think this is a reasonable posting schedule that will allow me to keep up with my writing schedule and, well, I’m just better with a schedule. 🙂

This week, I’m hoping to start in earnest my newest WIP–a book connected to the book I just sold to Samhain. I’m also hoping to get some news regarding my upcoming releases.

But scariest of all, we’re starting potty training with my oldest. (Hold me)

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