January Updates

First up, my youngest, the little itty baby born a mere ten months ago is walking. WALKING. Also, there is nothing little or itty about him. He’s a big ole baby and now he’s lumbering around trying to climb stairs and dive head first into my shin. He also has to go in for some out-patient surgery on Friday. Not the kind of milestone I’m super excited about.

In book news, Seven Night Stand, my first Entangled Indulgence title, has an official release month. In May you’ll have the chance to meet my hunky Kansan pilot/airport owner and his fling that turns into more with a polished reality TV scout. And yes, it’s an Indulgence set in Kansas. It’s only a little weird.

I’ve added a sign up link for my nonexistent newsletter in the sidebar. I don’t actually HAVE a newsletter yet, but if you’d be interested in getting one once I do, feel free to sign up.

Last week I registered for the RWA Conference in July. It’s both exciting and nerve wracking. Not only am I not used to traveling alone, but I’ve also never been to any conference before, let alone one this big. It will put my sorely neglected people skills to the test, but that’ll probably be good for me.

This week I’m working on proposals. Synopses and first three chapters of a few projects I’d like to sell. Mostly linked stories to books I already have under contract. A lot of what I work on next is dependent on getting some news on my current projects out and about. I can’t stand not writing though. So, today I’m working on my heroine fixing the hero’s car. He’s not altogether sure how he feels about that.

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