Two Weeks in the Books

Seven-Night Stand has been available for two weeks now, and it has been a crazy few weeks.

This week will start my blog tour. Interviews, posts about my favorite reality TV shows, and Nate and Vivvy even make an appearance and interview each other. There will also be opportunities to win the book or a $10 gift card, depending on the stop. I’ll be posting individual links on my FB and Twitter as they go up and once the entire blog tour is up on the Entangled site, I’ll post the link in the News column.

I’ve started receiving reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, book blogs, etc. All very surreal and something I’m still trying to wrap my head around. Strangers are reading my books! Crazy!

Meanwhile, lucky me, I get to spend more time with the Harringtons as I work on revisions for Harrington Airfield #2 and start plotting out #3. If you want a little visual peek at Risky Return and yet-to-be-titled/written #3, check out the Harrington Pinterest board.

Speaking of Book #2 and its hero, Ryan. Here’s a little excerpt from Seven-Night Stand showing a little love between brothers. 🙂


“Is that how you got a beautiful woman interested in you? She’s crazy and it impedes her judgment? Christ, she doesn’t react to anything.”

“Yeah, maybe we need a little bit of that around here. Besides, she’s higher-class than any of the women who put up with you for brief periods of time.”

Ry snorted. “KC has plenty of high-class women interested in me. Women who aren’t looking to slum it with the likes of you.” The slum comment hit a little close to home, but what did he expect from Ryan? Not much. To Ryan, Nate’s life was a slum.

“Maybe, but none like Vivvy.”

Ryan shook his head and slapped Nate on the back. “You got it bad.”

Yeah, he did. Three days with this woman and he was all kinds of wrapped up in her. What kind of moron did that make him? The biggest.

“What are you going to do when she goes back to LA? I hope you don’t have any idiotic ideas about that woman staying. Cool as a cucumber—she does not belong here.”

“I’m not an idiot. Of course she doesn’t belong here.” She was all flash and smartphones and clacking around broken concrete and grass on high heels. Nothing about her image jibed with Harrington. Or even him.

Except somehow she worked with him. Something about the calm and cool way she didn’t react to all the drama. Nate puffed out an irritated breath. He was an idiot.

“You’re not going to agree to this insanity no matter how stupid you get over her. I won’t let you.”

“Screw off, Ry.” Nate focused on the plane, and for the next two hours he and Ryan didn’t talk. They worked side by side. As always, the years slipped away, the arguments faded. When they worked together on a plane, they were brothers. More than that, they were two of the same mold.

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