Novella Niche

Ever since I started reading romance, I have had a problem with short reading. Short stories, novellas, anthologies, etc, almost always left me feeling cold.

But, aha, March and April 2013 I finally found some novellas that WORKED for me, in just about every sense of the word. They felt like complete stories, they were engaging, and when I was done I was satisfied, which has been very problematic for me in the past.

In no particular order:

The Girl With the Cat Tattoo by Theresa Weir: I don’t think I can adequately express how much I enjoyed this…really weird book. CAT POV, people. And it was awesome cat POV. Also the romance is really sweet, even with the little “suspense-ish” bent to it (not usually my thing).

Big Boy by Ruthie Knox: First person is a hard sell for me, but I think I so identified with Mandy. Also that I’m a bit of a history nerd and I loved their themed dates so much. This is a poignant story, and I was engaged the entire time.

Thank You For Riding by Meg Maguire: This little story is just so… sweet. When they’re flirting at the blood donation center, it is so freaking adorable I could see it being in a movie. This is low on angst, but Caitlin’s voice is fantastic. There’s one line about a man broom that had me doubled over.

The Governess Affair by Courtney Milan: What took me so long to read Milan? Well, I’m not a big historical reader, and British history doesn’t interest me at all. So, I’ve resisted any historical recommendations, though there were MANY. However, I finally reached the threshold of praise I can take before I simply must read a book. I loved this novella. I loved what Milan was able to do within the constraints of history. The scene with the hairpins is…just…unf…everything I read romance for. I also love what she manages to do with her heroines AND heroes. Her characters are not cookie-cutter rakes or dukes or ladies or whatever. They are so three-dimensional it hurts.


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