Nose to Grindstone

It’s June! I’m pretty excited about that because I’ve got nothing pressing going on. No family weddings, no conferences, no trips. After a month full of those things, I’m ready to sit down, breathe, and focus on work.

And a lot of work there is to do.

1) will be finishing Flight Risk edits, I believe. Also need to focus on putting together a blog tour and reaching out to reviewers. I’m so, so excited about this book!

2) will be doing first round of edits for the second Harrington book, Risky Return. I fall in love with Ryan a little more each time I read, and adore the heroine. Plus I get to reunite with Nate & Vivvy for a bit.

3) finish current WIP. I’m so excited about this book. Every day I can’t wait to sit down and write it. More than any other book, I think I’ve found my single title “voice”, which is why I revamped the website just a smidge and added my voice’s promise: life is hard, but love always heals.

4) polish the second Flight book and send it in to my editor (and hope she loves it).

Plus, I’m still waiting to hear back on two projects.

June always passes in the blink of an eye and I’m sure this year will be no different. What’s going on in your neck of the woods?

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