Summer is the Cruelest Season

Okay, so the title is a little overdramatic, but as soon as mid-July rolls around, I feel like I’ve lost that tenuous grasp on order and with-it-edness. For me, July-September and November-January are those three month intervals of what feels like insanity.

How is it almost August? How have I not heard back on a million things I thought I would have heard back on by now? How have I run out of contacts, not cleaned the bathroom in too long to mention, and have a book releasing in a month?

But, yay, I have a book releasing in a month! Gird your loins because August is going to be alllll about Flight Risk.

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To whet your appetite for a little Flight Risk action, here’s a very brief excerpt:


And that’s where Em was—sitting on the bench with her nose pressed against the glass. She looked back at Callie and grinned, her gaze quickly returning to the window. “Come look.”

Callie crossed the cluttered office to the big window. Em pointed to the grass runway below. The riding lawn mower was parked and next to it stood Trevor.


“Um.” Like Em, Callie’s eyes were immediately transfixed. He was using his T-shirt to wipe the sweat off his forehead, and the motion caused muscles to move and bunch under sweat-slicked skin. He could use some sun, but other than that Trevor was pretty much flawless.

“So far this is the best part of Trevor being a volunteer.” Em practically giggled.

“How long have you been watching him?” Though the question held some accusation, Callie wasn’t walking away from the window either. In fact, she was pressed against the glass almost as close as Em was.

“Just a few minutes.” Em waved a hand briefly in Callie’s line of sight, but Callie’s gaze didn’t falter.

“Not creepy at all, Emerson.” Sarcasm dripped from the words, yet she was doing the same thing. She should look away now. Step back from the window. And she would.

In a few minutes.

“Callie. Seriously.” Em pointed toward the window, her gaze never leaving Trevor. “Look. At. That.”

Couldn’t stop if she wanted to. It wasn’t that Trevor was super hot or something. Okay, maybe he was, but she was a woman and any woman with a beating heart would want to watch that. Any woman would feel a certain amount of lust over flat, hard abs and strong, powerful shoulders. Didn’t mean a woman had to act on it. She was just having a normal reaction.

Except that reaction was being caused by her best friend. A guy she was determined not to think about naked. Anymore. Mustering all her strength, Callie pushed away from the window and headed for the door.

“Where are you going?”

When Callie looked over her shoulder, Em’s nose was still pressed to the glass. Callie grunted in disgust. “To tell Fabio down there to put a Goddamn shirt on.”

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