Hey, Hey, I’m on Facebook!

I’ve decided to start posting excerpts of my books (both available and soon-to-be-released) on my Facebook page every Monday. So, if you haven’t already, come over and like my author page: www.facebook.com/AuthorNicoleHelm

I’ve finally emerged from edit-palooza and that means I’m back to writing! At least for the time being. I’m waiting to hear back on a couple proposals and working on the third Flight book (Em’s story) while I wait.

Also, TOO CLOSE TO RESIST is starting to pop up places like GoodReads and Amazon. The blurb, cover, etc will come within next few months, but for now, I am there! And I am so excited about that. This book.

Anyway, I’ll be taking it easy through the rest of the year, which means I won’t be blogging again until 2014! Have a happy continuing holidays, everyone, and a very happy new year!

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