Superromance News

Happy Saturday, all! I’m up way too early thanks to children, but I have a few bits of news to share.

First up, I got the back cover copy for TOO CLOSE TO RESIST which is amazing. The people who write these truly have a skill I do not possess! So, what’s TOO CLOSE TO RESIST about?

Forced proximity, natural attraction

Moving in with her younger brother isn’t what free-spirited artist Grace McKnight imagined doing at age thirty. But under the circumstances, she knows it’s for the best. The complicating factor? Kyle Clark, her brother’s roommate and business partner—a.k.a. the most infuriatingly buttoned-up person Grace has ever met.

Living with Kyle causes as much friction as Grace expected. And plenty she didn’t. She and Kyle have more in common than she ever thought. Now, instead of pressing his buttons, she’d rather undo them. Only, getting closer to Kyle means discovering his darkest secrets, and convincing him—and herself—those secrets won’t tear them apart.

The rather undo his buttons part about killed me dead. Is it June yet?

And even MORE exciting news is that I got the call from my editor offering me a contract to write two more Superromances. The first will be connected to TOO CLOSE TO RESIST (the hero will be the aforementioned brother, and the heroine appears in TCTR as well), as for the second, well, I have until May to figure that out. 😉

So, for the next few weeks I’ll be working on Jacob and Leah’s story. It’s got friends-to-lovers, a fake relationship, and hopefully will end up with some fun banter when all is said and done.

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