April Round Up

Happy April, everyone! With Risky Return just released last week and four weeks until Flight Delay releases, plus lots of news to share, I thought it was time for a round up of info.

First up, if you go to my Amazon Author page, on the right hand sidebar there’s some orange text that says Stay Up To Date. Under that you can click to subscribe to get emails about new releases from me. I do this for a couple authors, and it only ever sends me info when they have a new release. If you’re interested in getting that kind of info, feel free to sign up!

First of all, there’s a blog tour going on for Risky Return right now. Here is the schedule of posts and at each stop, there is a place to enter a giveaway for a $50 Amazon gift card.

As I mentioned above, Flight Delay comes out in FOUR WEEKS! I’m really excited for this book. I just love the Antiques in Flight world and I think Flight Delay is really sweet, and I think both books in this series are similar to the tone and feeling in my Superromances. There’s a review and an excerpt up at Fresh Fiction. And another excerpt is available on the Samhain site, if you click the excerpt tab. ALSO, if you preorder from the Samhain website, you can get Flight Delay for $3.85 instead of $4.24. That promotional price lasts through the first week of its release as well.

In Superromance news, Too Close to Resist will be in bookstores that carry Superromances in June! It’s also up on the Harlequin website, and if you buy from Harlequin, I believe you can get the book in May!

Also, my second Superromance has a title and a release day. Too Friendly to Date is one of my favorite books I’ve written and it will be out in October! Friends to lovers, fake relationship, lots of jokes, a Joe Mauer poster. I’m working on line edits right now and I’m just so pleased with it.

Lastly, in HarlequinE news, my rival farmer book, All I Have, will be appearing in the HarlequinE Contemporary Box Set Volume 2, releasing June 2nd. It’s up for preorder on Amazon and BN (Just a heads up, it’s over a dollar cheaper at Amazon, BN may lower the price closer to release day). It will also be available on its own in September, but the box set really is the better deal. Four books for under four dollars!

Also, All I Am, the next book in my farmer’s market series, is tentatively scheduled to be part of the Harlequin E Contemporary Box Set Vol 3 in September, and it would also come out alone in December.

It’s going to be a full year of Nicole Helm books! Yay! Now, I need to get to work on getting some stuff settled for NEXT year!

2 thoughts on “April Round Up

  1. You are definitely one busy writer! I’m looking forward to your debut SuperRomance. And yes, it can be bought a month in advance when purchased from the Harlequin site (and 20% off too!).

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