Let’s Talk About June

I know, I know, it’s still the middle of April. Why on earth would I want to talk about June?

Books, of course!

First up, things have been moving along with the HarlequinE Contemporary Box Set, of which my book ALL I HAVE, will be a part. First up, the gorgeous, adorable PERFECT cover:


I love it. The colors, the field in the background, the PURPLE PLAID! Be still my heart.

I also received the covers that will be on the box set, along with some info about the other books in the set.


The other authors and I have begun to share our books with each other and we’ve got quite the variety! Rebecca’s got a ex-military maid & exotic dancer hero paired with a single mom. Maggie’s got a cop and New Year’s Eve (two things I, of course, enjoy). And Kristina brings us a world of celebrities! Then I bring the farmers, like I do. 😉 A little something for everyone.


The Box Set releases June 2nd, and then in September the box set will no longer be on sale, but each title will be sold individually. So, you can either get four books for the price of one in June, or wait until September and buy them at full price.



My other June release, TOO CLOSE TO RESIST, my first PRINT release (eee!) was reviewed in Romantic Times magazine. They gave it four stars and (among other things) said, “This is a well-written story with a unique plot.” Well-written and unique, yay!



I would also feel remiss if I didn’t remind everyone FLIGHT DELAY releases May 7th. This is the second in my Flight series, but can be read as a stand alone. Keep in mind with Samhain titles, you can usually get the title cheaper from the Samhain website, the week of release. (For example it’s $4+ on Amazon and BN right now, but $3+ on the Samhain site right now).

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