Flight Delay Excerpt #1

FlightDelay72lgSo FLIGHT DELAY releases in TWO weeks. This has probably been the release that’s snuck up on me the most. It’s been done for a while, and I’ve been working on so much other stuff.

Still, I am so excited about it. I had originally planned for Em’s story to come second in the FLIGHT series, we do see a lot of Em in FLIGHT RISK after all, but Lawson and Katie’s story was so clear in my head. And it’s a story I’m so proud of. It’s a lot about family and forgiveness–of others, of ourselves. It’s about building something good out of a lot of bad somethings. Those are my favorite stories to tell.

If you haven’t read FLIGHT RISK, you don’t need to to follow along. All the books in this series stand alone.

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite scenes from the book, and there are pre-order links at the bottom if you’re so inclined!


But when she opened the fridge, the first thing that caught her eye was a case of beer. It was open. Before she’d registered the action, a can was cold in her palm, her fingers gripped around it tight enough she could feel the slight give of aluminum.

Someone entered, and Katie winced when Lawson’s voice interrupted the silence.

“A little early for a beer, don’t you think?”

Katie stared hard at the blue and silver of the can, remembered her conclusion from a few days ago. Let it go. Admit everything. “Never too early for an alcoholic.” The words were shaky, not nearly as unaffected as she’d hoped. “A recovering one anyway,” she added lamely. What did recovering matter to him?

The silence throbbed with tension and…fear? Something. Something dark and painful.

God, just one sip would numb some of that.

And ruin everything she was trying to regain.

Though he didn’t speak, the sound of footsteps moved closer. His forearm came into view and he took the beer without production.

When she convinced herself to look at him, he was pulling the carton of beer out of the fridge. He dropped her can in it and stepped back into the dining area, resting the case on the bright red counter.

Unable to stay upright any longer, Katie moved into the dining area and took a seat at one of the old, scarred tables.

He studied her face and she tried to read his mind. Tried to figure out what he was thinking. There’d been a time she’d been able to read his expressions, but she couldn’t read this one.

Not horror or disgust or disappointment. It was more blank than anything. Katie looked at her hands.

“You were drunk when you did those interviews?”

The question wasn’t what she expected. That he’d automatically connect her alcoholism to the pain she’d caused him was a shock. Oh, if only that was the only reason. “A lot of them. That’s not an excuse, though.”

“You don’t have to tell me that.” The pause all but echoed in the big empty room. “But I guess it explains some things.”

As Katie was working up the courage to look up from the table, to say something—anything—to change the subject, Law placed a can in front of her. This time, it wasn’t a beer.

“What’s this?” The red and silver can seemed foreign. Him offering something to her, even more so.

“A Coke. You like Coke.”

“I do.” She looked up at him, bowled over by such a simple gesture, but… After everything she’d done to him, a pop was like a freaking bar of gold. “Lawson.”

“I have to get back.” He grabbed the case of beer off the counter and marched out of the Canteen without another word.


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