HarlequinE Contemporary Romance Box Set Vol. 2 Release Day!

That’s a mouthful, isn’t it? But, YAY, ALL I HAVE, my rival farmer romance, is out as part of the HarlequinE Contemporary Romance Box Set.


20140416-215139.jpg 20140416-214734.jpg


How the box set works: The box set will be available for purchase for the next three months: June, July, August. And, it’s a pretty sweet deal: four novels/novellas (mine is a category length novel) under four dollars. On September 1, the box set will no longer be available for purchase, but you will be able to buy each book individually. (Mine is 2.99–currently 2.51 for preorder on Amazon).


I LOVE this book. I mean, I love all my books, but this remains one of my favorites. How could it not? Farmers, socially awkward heroine, broccoli jokes? Like my Antiques in Flight books and my Superromances, it’s a book where I was determined to be myself, let my own voice shine through, and my editors responded by appreciating that for what it was.



I’m so proud of this book and what it’s become and I can’t wait for people to read it! If you’d like to read some excerpts:

(First Chapter) (Excerpt One) (Excerpt Two) (Facebook Excerpt)

And if you’re ready to buy the box set, here are the buy links:

(Amazon) (BN) (iBooks) (Kobo) (Harlequin) (Goodreads)


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