On the Shelves


So, Too Close to Resist has finally made its way on to shelves. I haven’t had a chance to see it yet, but my friend snapped this pic for me of a shelf in Kmart in mid-Missouri. This is my first print book for sale in actual stores (well, so far just store as I haven’t found any place but Kmart that carries Superromances).


In other news, I’ve restarted my newsletter with a new provider. Last year I had a newsletter, but the company that I did it through wasn’t working for me. I’ve since switched. So, if you want (n0 more than once a month) updates on new releases, what I’m working on, cover reveals, excerpts, etc, make sure to sign up by clicking the link in the top right sidebar.

I’m busy working my way through writing Superromance #3. You’ll meet the hero of this one in Too Friendly to Date (October). No title/release date yet as I’m still writing it, but once I have those things I’ll add a page for the book.

Once I finish that, I’ll be working on a short that will be available for free on the Harlequin website this fall. This will also be set in Bluff City (the fictional town Too Close to Resist, Too Friendly to Date, and Book 3 are set in), and will feature a hero who appears in the first two books (Henry the plumber).

So, June is all about words, words, words. (Oh, and I have line edits for ALL I AM, Farmer’s Market Book #2).

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