End of the Summer Update

Technically, summer isn’t over. It’s still REALLY hot, my eldest doesn’t start school until next month (pre-school–sob!), and yet–all my teacher friends are back at work, I’m starting to see people pin Christmas things on Pinterest (to which I say–what is WRONG with you???).

So, as summer winds down, it seems timely to update what’s going on in the world of books! It’s going to be a busy few months of releases I’m ecstatic about.

But first! Make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter. The next one goes out August 24th and will have a free HAPPY, FEEL GOOD short included for newsletter subscribers only.

Box Set: June-August 2014 Alone: September 2014

All I HaveIf you follow me on any social media, you know my mad love for my rival farmer book. It’s been available in the HarlequinE Contemporary Box Set vol. 2 all summer and as of September 1 will come out as an individual title. I’ll be sharing random excerpts on my tumblr in the days leading up to September 1st, as well as on my Facebook page.

(Also, if you’re a reviewer–I do have eARCs available. Please email me at NicoleTHelm@gmail.com if you’re interested!)

Too Much to Handle: Starting September 15th on the Harlequin website, I will have a FREE serialized short. A chapter will be posted each week (ending November 9th). This book features Henry (the plumber from Too Close to Resist) as the hero, and will take place somewhat concurrently with Too Friendly to Date. Once I have a dedicated link, I’ll be sure to do a whole post on the story and what you can expect.

October 2014

Too Friendly to DateSpeaking of Too Friendly to Date, Jacob and Leah’s story is set to come out October. (*inward happy screaming*). I’m so excited for this book to come out. Jacob and Leah are one of my favorite couples. You’ll also meet the hero of Bluff City Book 3–Leah’s brother Marc. Lot’s to be excited about! And remember, if you buy from the Harlequin website, you can get the book in September!

(Reviewers: this book is currently available on Netgalley, AND I have eARCs. Again, email NicoleTHelm@gmail.com if interested)

Falling for the New GuyBluff City #3 now has a title–Falling for the New Guy follows Marc Santino (Leah’s brother) as he moves to Bluff City. This book will come out in March, and will tie up the Bluff City series.

Harrington Series Update: It has been decided that there will not be a third book in the Harrington Airfield series. This is one of those best for everyone situations. Plus, the Harrington twins got their happy ending, what more do we need?

All I AmBook 2 in my Farmer’s Market series will be releasing in December as a SOLO TITLE! Mia’s sister Cara gets to be the heroine this time around, and let me just say this about her hero: wounded veteran, bearded, hermity organic dog treat maker. I hope to have cover/official blurb/preorder links soon!


Annnnd, you’re all caught up! Hope everyone enjoys the remaining days of summer. Remember, I love to hear from you guys! NicoleTHelm@gmail.com, Facebook, @NicoleTHelm on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “End of the Summer Update

  1. Sounds like the weather is doing the opposite where you are. Here, it’s not the end of the summer, but today’s been pouring with rain. Anyway, good luck with all your new releases 😀

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