New Start September

New month! New week! New goals. New book (kind of) and new back cover copy!

It’s September 1st and the start of a new week and I’m ready to make some CHANGES. Things got a little out of control this summer—schedules out of whack, immobilizing waiting, wayyyy too much eating. What better day to start getting things back on track than Monday the first?
In New(ish) book news…
ALL I HAVE is out as a solo title now. This is my rival farmer romance that takes place at a Missouri farmer’s market. If you purchased the HarelquinE Contemporary Box Set vol. 2 available from June through August, you have this book. You may even have read it! But, if you were waiting for it to be available alone–now’s your chance! 
In new back cover copy news…
ALL I AM is the second book in the series and follows Mia’s sister Cara. This book will be out on December 1 and I have BACK COVER COPY!

The best thing about Wes Stone’s job? The dogs don’t expect him to talk about his injuries, his time in Afghanistan or his lack of experience with women. The worst thing? His organic dog treat business is booming and he needs live-in-the-moment Cara Pruitt to help out.

Cara is a strictly short-term kind of gal. She juggles jobs—including helping out at her sister’s stand at the farmer’s market—men and careers because she can’t screw up if she’s not really trying.

When Cara learns just how inexperienced anti-social but sexy Wes is with women, she is happy to help him fix his pesky virginity problem. After all, when two people are as wrong for each other as they are, walking away from a no-strings fling should be easy…

No buy links/cover yet, but those will be revealed here as I am given them.

Also, watch this space for exciting news coming soon!

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