Westward, Ho!

As I announced on Twitter and Facebook last night, I have some exciting news!

Helm PM announcement screenshot

So, basically what this means is another series in print from me, this time moving a little west to the wilds of Montana instead of hanging out here in the US Midwest.

If you follow me on Facebook you saw my post last week about how the first book I ever wrote had a farmer hero, what a nice symmetry that was with All I Have being so well received. Well, my symmetry isn’t over (and, oh, do I love my symmetry).

The first book I ever finished to completion with the farmer hero became a series revolving around three brothers. The farmer was the first one I wrote, and the second one I wrote was about his brother who…moved to Montana to work on a ranch.

I dabbled in that Montana world for a while in my early writing career—almost always setting stories in small town Iowa or mountainous Montana, but eventually left Montana. When the amazing Maisey Yates suggested earlier this year that maybe cowboys weren’t all that far removed from the farmers and hermits I’d been writing, I (after a little hemming and hawing) decided she wasn’t wrong.

So, the Blue Valley series was created, and with the help of my awesome agent it was submitted, and thanks to the great people at Sourcebooks, offered on! And now here we are.

I don’t have the specifics of release dates or anything yet, of course, but I can tell you that the first book is about a disgraced hockey player seeking some quiet time at his grandparent’s deserted Montana ranch. He hires the heroine (the rancher in question) to teach him how to be a rancher. They argue. A lot. And there’s a llama.

If you like the banter in All I Have, the world building in my Antiques in Flight series, or the community feel to my Superromances, I think you’ll like these books too.

And of course, if you want a visual look at the Blue Valley world, Pinterest is your man.

(Blue Valley 1) (Blue Valley 2) (Blue Valley 3)

2 thoughts on “Westward, Ho!

  1. Not on Twitter or FB to be able to comment, so I thought I’d come here and say:


    I’m reading “All I Have” now and I get what Mia is going through on the guy front. We’ve all been there before.

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