Meanwhile, Elsewhere

Happy Monday! (I’m trying, I’m trying).

I have some elsewhere places to tell you about today.

First, my free serial on starts today. Chapter One is live and each Monday another chapter will go live for the next few weeks. (8 chapters total).

Too Much to Handle is a Bluff City book (Too Close to Resist-#1, Too Friendly to Date-#2). You certainly don’t have to have read Too Close to Resist to follow along. But, if you have read, you’ll get some glimpses of characters you already know. Including our hero, Henry Peterson (MCs plumber)!

Jacob and Leah also make an appearance as Too Much to Handle takes place somewhat concurrently with my upcoming October release Too Friendly to Date.

You can comment on each individual chapter, you can join the discussion on the Harlequin message boards, or you can feel free to let me know what you think!

Second, if you missed my squeeing all over Twitter and Facebook, Smart Bitches, Trash Books gave All I Have an A in a simply hilarious review. All I Have is currently only 2.51 on Amazon and 2.99 on BN/elsewhere!

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