Vote All I Have in DABWAHA

If you’re looking at the subject line with a confused expression, thinking I’m spouting gibberish, you can find an explanation of what DABWAHA is Here. Basically it’s a March Madness style tournament put on by Smart Bitches, Trashy Books and Dear Author.

When I was first expanding my romance reading beyond Nora Roberts years ago, these two sites were places I looked for recommendations, and there’s many a DABWAHA tournament that introduced me to some amazing authors and books. I’m pretty sure my Julie James and Karina Bliss and possibly even Sarah Mayberry gloms are directly related to DABWAHA.

So, it’s so cool that All I Have was nominated and slotted into a bracket. As a reader filling out brackets, I always do fairly dismally. But it’s fun. It’s fun to talk about books we love, cheer them on. It feels GOOD. I’m all about that!



All I Have is up against Sarah M. Anderson’s Rodeo Dreams. Since Sarah and I are both Harlequin Superromance authors, Twitter hangers-outers, and graduates of the same college, we’ve been having fun “trash talking” and building up the Farmer v. Cowboy rivalry. For instance Sarah’s Lego Video and my (created by Maisey Yates & co) Pro-Farmer video.

All I Have and Rodeo Dreams will go up against each other midnight (eastern) Friday March 20th through noon (eastern) (SO–RIGHT NOW!). To vote ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS GO HERE AND PICK ONE! That’s it! No signing in! No accounts to make. Just click your vote and hit submit. Easy peasy.

Hey, Baby.You like getting' dirty?Vote-2

One of the fun parts of DABWAHA is the “bribes” authors come up with to try and win your votes. As a reader, I always like the bribes that had to do with seeing extra content about the books nominated, so that’s the strategy I’m going to go with.


For the next twelve hours there will be lost of silliness and pro-farmer shenanigans on Twitter (@NicoleTHelm) and Facebook.


If you’re a romance reader, this competition is a fun one, and you’ll probably find some really excellent books to fill your shelves/e-readers with. I hope you’ll join me! (And vote for Mia & Dell!!!!)


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