Newsletter Stuffs!

One of the things I really like doing in my newsletter is offering some free content along with the monthly updates on what’s coming next. Thus far, it’s been kind of willy nilly, but I’ve decided on a schedule for the free reads for the remainder of the year.

April- September

HOME BREW-3This serialized short will take place at the Millertown Farmers’ Market, will give you a glimpse of Mia and Dell’s (All I Have) Battle of the Sexes from an outsiders point of view. (Don’t worry–no spoilers!) It will also feature its own little romance.

October-January 2016

Blue Valley, Montana

This serialized short will introduce Blue Valley, Montana, the setting for my 2016 cowboy series. Much like the Farmers’ Market short, this will give a glimpse into the setting, and the characters who will make up the series, while featuring a small, satisfying romance of its own. Book One, REBEL COWBOY, will release January 5th, 2016.

If you haven’t already, you can subscribe to my newsletter by clicking here! It goes out the 24th of every month, and will (for the rest of the year) always include a short piece of new content, plus information on releases, sales, etc.

Happy Reading!

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