All I Am Release Day!



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It’s finally here! I’m sure I’ve gone on and on enough about how much went into getting this book to come out. That I originally finished this book almost two years ago to the day, that it had been done and edited and finished and ready to come out Dec. 2014, and then HarlequinE ended and I was so lucky to be able to move this series over to Superromance, but it meant adding another 20,000 words and waiting another year plus to have the book come out. I guess it makes sense that Wes, my biggest mess of a hero, had to go through the gauntlet of publishing challenges.

But he’s HERE! NOW! And I’m so excited to hear what you guys think of Cara’s unconventional hero, and Cara’s journey herself. You’ll also get to check in with Mia and Dell, because of course I couldn’t resist giving them some page time.

I can also tell you that Charlie (Dell’s brother) will be book three, titled All I Want, which will come out in September!

I hope you’ll fall in love at the farmers’ market! 😉

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