All’s Fair in Love and Politics


The Wild Rose Press, May 2012

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She’s a politician from a political family with big secrets. He’s a journalist out for the truth. Love won’t be easy.

Blurb: When sexy reporter Doug Kapshaw shows up on Abigail Fortman’s doorstep to cover her state senate campaign, Abigail knows to keep her guard up. Doug’s not after her story. He’s after an expose on Abigail’s U.S Senator father. Though Abigail’s relationship with her father is tense at best, she’s not going to be the pawn that brings Grant Fortman down.

Despite his assignment to use Abby, Doug can’t help but be attracted to her mix of strength and vulnerability. When Grant gets Doug fired, Abby is ready to take a stand against her father. Working together to bring Grant down, Doug and Abby can no longer fight the attraction between them. Attraction turns into much more, but while the secrets they uncover promise to revive Doug’s career, the ugly truth about her father poses the biggest challenge to Doug and Abby living happily ever after.

All’s Fair might be for you if you like…

  • A hero who sacrifices for the heroine
  • Farms
  • Beta heroes
  • Romantic proposals

Praise for All’s Fair

“It’s a charming story and I liked watching Doug break down Abby’s walls. The ending and how he approached her was just SO PERFECT for her and her personality. Such a sweet way to end the book.” Christi Snow, Smitten With Reading

Nicole Helm pens a good contemporary story with this book, and it is pretty enjoyable.” Nikki, Siren Book Reviews

Favorite lines:

Moonlight danced on his hair and Abby felt her stomach jitter when his eyes met hers. His hands moved to her face, and though her instinct was to back away, something kept her locked in place.

“Doug, don’t—”

But, he did. And while her mind was screaming at her to push him away, the warm skim of his lips against hers kept her from moving. His hands remained on her face, keeping her gently there as his lips cruised softly over hers.


“What are you working on there?”

“Oh, every time you make me mad I add it to this little list,” she said. “Once you hit one hundred, I hire a hit man.”

She said it with such a complete straight face he was almost obliged to believe her. If she could dish it out, so could he. “Can’t stop thinking about me, huh?”



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