Too Close to Resist (Bluff City #1)

Too Close to Resist Cover

BlurbForced proximity, natural attraction

Moving in with her younger brother isn’t what free-spirited artist Grace McKnight imagined doing at age thirty. But under the circumstances, she knows it’s for the best. The complicating factor? Kyle Clark, her brother’s roommate and business partner—a.k.a. the most infuriatingly buttoned-up person Grace has ever met.

Living with Kyle causes as much friction as Grace expected. And plenty she didn’t. She and Kyle have more in common than she ever thought. Now, instead of pressing his buttons, she’d rather undo them. Only, getting closer to Kyle means discovering his darkest secrets, and convincing him—and herself—those secrets won’t tear them apart.

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(Book Two in the Bluff City Series is Too Friendly to Date, free online read is Too Much to Handle, and Book Three is Falling for the New Guy)


Too Close to Resist might be for you if you like…

  • an uptight hero with a damaged past
  • heroine from a happy family
  • enemies to lovers
  • best friend’s older sister
  • forced proximity books
  • opposites attract


Jacob sighed loudly. “Yeah. All right. Thanks for taking care of things, man.”

Kyle nodded, hoping Jacob never had any idea just how he had taken care of things. Or the things he was imagining taking care of.

In one breath he’d promised to take care of her, and in the next he’d thought of what she might feel like underneath him.

He’d kissed her. Touched her. Had tasted her and felt her. Soft. Light. He’d allowed himself a taste of something he could never, ever have.

That kiss was Pandora’s Box, only instead of unleashing evil, it unleashed good. An irresistible goodness that someone like him could not be allowed to have. He’d ruin it. Or ruin himself believing he could have it.

Possibly worse, by kissing her, he’d given her a piece of himself, and it couldn’t be taken back. She knew. She saw his weakness, her, and she would push because she was Grace. And it had the potential to unravel everything. She had the potential to unravel him.

Not good. Not good at all.


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Soundtrack While Writing:

Gunpowder & Lead, Miranda Lambert (inspiration for the story)

Tonight I Wanna Cry, Keith Urban

Hard to Love, Lee Brice

Skeletons, Eli Young Band

I Won’t Give Up, Jason Mraz

Breaking Your Own Heart, Kelly Clarkson

Let Me Down Easy, Billy Currington

Everybody, Keith Urban

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Lady Antebellum

God Gave Me You, Blake Shelton

One Day You Will, Lady Antebellum

Precious Love, James Morrison

Relentless, Jason Aldean

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