Flight Delay (Antiques In Flight 2)

FlightDelay72lgFlight Delay is the second in the Antiques in Flight series from Samhain Publishing.

Series: Antiques in Flight, Book 2

(First book in the series: Flight Risk)

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Some second chances are hard to swallow.

Lawson Baker hoped moving back home would give his kids some semblance of normal after a spectacular divorce from his very-famous wife. The kids are settled in and, finally, his life is his own.

Then Katie Potter walks through the door of Antiques in Flight. She was his closest friend until her husband cheated on her with Lawson’s wife. And Katie’s revenge—going to the tabloids—gave Lawson’s kids front row seats to a host of dirty little secrets.

When Katie is offered a temporary job as AIF’s secretary, she jumps at it. She returned to Pilot’s Point hoping to come clean about the things that accelerated her slide into self-destruction. She’s not about to pass up this chance to make things right.

As they work side by side, day by day, the attraction Lawson never let himself feel for a then-married woman is pushed to the surface by the growing heat between them. But their pasts filled with pain and betrayal—and a recalcitrant teenager—could make charting a course to love impossible.

Warning: A woman bent on forgiveness, a man bent on normalcy, and a love that will give them everything they need.


Praise for Flight Delay:

“The story is well written and definitely keeps the readers’ interest to the very last page. This is the very first book I have read by this author, but will be an author whose stories I will search out again and again.” Fresh Fiction

Top Pick from Night Owl Reviews

“Helm brings a sweetness, as well as a bit of angst, to this series…Lawson and Katie are characters who highlight a realistic–and therefore complicated–love. This friends-to-lovers story gets even better when it hits a giant bump and somehow has to keep going.” -4 Stars from RT Reviews

Flight Delay might be for you if you like:

  • stories of redemption
  • heroines with real, deep-seated flaws
  • friends to lovers, after a long, long time

Favorite Excerpts:

She looked back over at him. Her smile wasn’t totally convincing, but her gaze held his.

She reached out, touched the ends of his hair. He might have flinched away at the surprise touch, but it felt too good to move away from. Something jittery and exciting and new.

“You need a haircut,” she said in a low voice.

He had to clear his throat to speak past the blockage there. “Yeah, I guess I do.”

She pulled her hand back, then trailed her fingertips across the palm of her other hand. The hand that hadn’t touched him. If he studied her expression, he might see something akin to what he was feeling.

He looked away and stood. “Well, I should get back to it. See you later.” Even though the word coward echoed through his head, he had to step away. Get some clarity and some brainpower pumping through him again.

Because he knew what all the weird feelings and sensations were. He’d recognize that stirring warmth anywhere, even if it had been a long, long time since he’d felt it.

And it wasn’t anything he had any business feeling toward Katie. Not now. Not ever.


Lawson hopped on the bed, smashed himself into the little corner where mattress met wall. Then he patted the mattress on the sliver of empty space next to him.

“That’s it? You just…pat your bed?” She shook her head, standing frustratingly out of reach. “You need to work on your moves.”

A lot harder on him. “I don’t have moves. I’ve had sex with all of one woman in my life, and it didn’t require any moves whatsoever.”

“That’s pretty sad. Even I’ve done better than that.” Primly, she slid onto the edge of the bed, her eyes taking in the room, what little there was of it. What was she thinking the way she studied each room, her expression completely unreadable.

He’d ask her what she was thinking. Later. Right now, he was done thinking about anything but them. “Are you bragging that you have more experience than me?”

She laughed, and the sound always managed to make him braver. He reached over her lap and pulled her legs up onto the bed, then slid a hand up her calf, her knee, her thigh, far past the edge of her dress. She bit her lip and stopped giving him a hard time as his hand inched slowly higher. “You were saying?”

He watched her throat move as she swallowed, so he kissed her there, kissed along the long, smooth curve.

“Was I saying something?” she asked, her breath coming out uneven against his temple.

He could spend hours here, touching and kissing, learning her. Such a strange sensation when he’d known her forever. But not like this, never like this, and this was the best thing to happen in a long, long time. Something he didn’t have to share.


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