Ignite: Firefighters of Montana


Firefighters of Montana Continuity

June 21, 2016

Dr. Lina McArthur grew up in Marietta in the shadow of her accomplished, but coldly critical doctor father.  Now that she’s finally broken free and is working at a new hospital in a new town, Lina’s finally ready to learn who she is out of her scrubs, until she meets the first man who’s ever tempted her to let him take them off…
Smoke jumper Dean “Ace” Clark has lived his life on the run from his troubled past.  When a work related injury sends him to the ER, his wounds are tended by the reserved, but beautiful, Dr. McArthur. The heat between them burns hotter than the wildfires he fights.  Just one problem.  Dean knows the McArthur name, and he can’t afford a connection to the past he’s fought so hard to escape.
Ace has no fear of jumping into dangerous situations, but falling for Lina might be the biggest leap of courage of his life.
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