Millertown Farmers’ Market

Miller town Farmer's Market-2

The Millertown Farmers’ Market is the (fictional) Missouri farmers’ market that is the setting for the A Farmers’ Market story series from Harlequin Superromance. On this page you can explore more about the farmer’s market, its vendors, and all three books in the Farmer’s Market series.

Pruitt Farmesvs. 

Let the battle begin!

Mia and Dell face off in a battle of the sexes every Saturday.

Don’t miss: push up contests, strawberry hulling, hay bale moving.

Who will win?

To find out, you can read ALL I HAVE!



All I Am

Cara Pruitt (Mia’s sister) finds herself working part-time for enigmatic and grumpy Wes Stone, a wounded army veteran who has made a business out of selling organic dog treats at local farmers’ markets.

pies by caraHe’s also made it his business to keep people at arm’s length. But the farmers’ market has a way of bringing seemingly opposite people together.

With the help of a motley crew of dogs, and a sheep with a limp (named Shrimp of course) these two lost souls begin to find hope, but both struggle with a baggage that consumes their lives and their futures–unless they can leave it behind for good.

Feb 2016

Coming  September 2016:

All I Want

(Four years after All I Have)

Charlie Wainwright’s (Dell’s brother) perfect life seems to be falling apart. He’s lost his job, he’s single, and Dell has everything he doesn’t.

When he meets the vibrant Meg Carmichael at her goat soap stand at the farmers’ market, he can’t quite resist.

But goat farms and farmers’ markets aren’t in Charlie’s plans, and neither is the surprise Meg lays on him after their one night together. This new life is certainly not what he’s ever wanted.

Which is why it and Meg and goats might just be perfect.



Local Food Restaurant in Millertown. Mia (ALL I HAVE) is a supplier. Cara (ALL I AM) also works with Edibles in her book.


New Benton bar. Mia and Cara both visit in their books.

Moonrise Diner

Popular New Benton diner, frequented by all Farmers’ Market stories characters.


The farm supply store Mia and Dell frequent in ALL I HAVE.

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