Time Warp

If you want time to suddenly come to a standstill, submit a ms to a publisher.

I went back through my mail to see how long ago I resubmitted my medical, thinking it had at least been 2-3 weeks.

It had been 1.

I then looked at my submission as a result of a pitch contest win, and felt a little better knowing it was just shy of 2 weeks since I’d hit submit.

When I think of it in writing terms, that it will probably still be at least 10 weeks before I hear anything, it seems like 10 weeks is forever.  Even the three weeks to hear back from a contest I entered seems interminable.  Yet, when I look at it from the standpoint of the year ends in less than 13 weeks, it just doesn’t seem like enough time!

And of course I’m thinking about this because my WIP is slow going.  I just want to skip writing the beginning and delve into the middle or even the end, but I’ve been down that path before.  Write the scenes that pop into my head first, regardless of sequence.  Trying to then patch them together later has never worked for me.  So, I guess I just have to keep plugging along until I hit the stride.

5 thoughts on “Time Warp

  1. Thanks, Lacey! I try not to think about the waiting, but when I do, it’s always been less time than I think.

    Over at Savvy Authors.com Angela James from Carina Press had a three line “pitch contest” back in September. So, I pitched one of my contemporary romances and was one of the people she chose to submit. In the grand scheme of things, not that big of deal since I could have submitted it anyway, but as I wasn’t sure it was what Carina was going for (just a straight contemporary romance, with low levels of sensuality), it was nice to know she was interested in the premise.

    Thanks so much for stopping by & the comment!

  2. would say that’s a big deal! Pitch contests are no easy thing, being able to pitch is an extra skill. So consider yourself a writer with an extra superpower if you will because that’s definitely an achievement in itself. I’d be preening if I were you 😉

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