Working It Out

I have my best ideas when I am laying in bed about to fall asleep.  Then, I usually forget them by the time I wake up, knowing only that I had a fabulous idea that is now gone.  I also have good ideas in the shower and in the car.  If only I could hook my brian up to a computer and just download things as they come to me.

Anyway, the other night I had one of those best ideas.  One of those great light bulb moments.  Even greater because I remembered it in the morning .  (I was laying there telling myself, DON’T FORGET THIS in the morning).

I was thinking about my WIP.  I swear my first draft is always in my head, not actually written down… sometimes even my second draft is written up there before being trasncribed.  Anyway, characters talking, things being worked out and all of the sudden -bam-

I figured out how to fix my NV entry to make my heroine still tough, but softer.  To make the physical altercation still there, but less jarring.  It was like the conflict clicked better into place, and everything made sense.

This makes me incredibly happy because I do so love that story (the whole 32,000 word mess).  I love those characters, but I realized I wasn’t ready to write them yet after reading my feedback and really taking a look at it.  I guess my current WIP has helped me get to the point where I can.

So, even though I’m not going to go work on the NV entry right now, instead going to stay focused on my WIP, I know where I’m going with it (or at least have a better grasp on where it’s going) and can maybe tackle it next year!

Edited to note: I started working on revisions of my NV entry last night.  It is now my WIP.

2 thoughts on “Working It Out

  1. I’m so glad to hear that you’re working on your NV entry. So many of us aren’t right now. I loved that your heroine was tough and willing to fight. She is scrappy. I like that. : )

    • Thanks, Tina! I love writing a tough heroine, can’t seem to help it, but I could understand why some people wouldn’t like her in that first chapter. So hopefully in the revisions she remains tough, but is a little bit more sympathetic/likable in the beginning.

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