Finally, Some Heroine Love

I have mentioned before that I like to write tough, not-always likeable heroines. Not to say that’s all I write, but it is what I gravitate towards both in my writing and reading. I like a heroine that can stick the hell up for herself, who swears, who isn’t prissy or always fashionable. The scrapper, the fighter. The stronger my heroine, the more I tend to like her.

That being said, I have begun to widen my horizons a bit. My current WIP is a bit of a stretch for me. It’s out of my comfort zone, targeting a line I never thought I’d target. Funny thing? I’ve been enjoying the heck out of it. It’s been so much fun to do something different.

My heroine falls into that different too. She’s still a strong heroine. She’s not going to let the hero push her around, and she says it exactly like she sees it. BUT, she’s polished, classy. She works in TV and cares about her image. She’s more sassy than sarcastic, more calm than confrontational. I think she’s pretty likable to people beyond just me (my CP has backed me up on that).

She’s been a fun character to create, just like the story has been fun to write. Branding is a big word in publishing right now, but… I find that going outside what I thought I was working towards, I’ve learned new things about myself as a writer.

Most importantly though, I’m having fun!

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