2012 Goals Met

So, as of a few days ago I met and EXCEEDED all my 2012 writing goals. Goals are one of those things that kept me going through rejection. Knowing I wanted to accomplish specific things kept me focused. I love goals, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. There are few things as satisfying as looking back and saying…yeah, I DID that.

Below is my goals list copied from my goal post last year. In bold, the results.

1. Finish 2-3 novels. Since Baby #2 is due in just two months, I think going for 4 would be a bit much to ask. I’d love to get there, but I’m not going to hold myself to it. Kids and sleep will be coming first for a while.

I wrote 3 novels this year. 1 single title (80k) and two category (both around 55kish). I’m quite proud of this accomplishment, especially since I also completed numerous rounds of revisions on my Indulgence before and after I signed the contract.

2. Develop a marketing plan for All’s Fair in Love & Politics before its release in May.

I had a plan. Was it successful? Not really. But that’s okay. It was my first release and I learned a lot from what I did and didn’t do.

3. Sell another book.

Exceeded this goal! I sold to Indulgence this summer, and have a contract offer on another as of last week (more details to come once contract is signed, sealed, delivered). Ironically, they’re both set on small airports in the middle of nowhere. They’re quite different though, and so are the stories in them.

4. Join RWA (which I will be accomplishing in a few days with the help of some Christmas money).

Did it! Will be doing it again (and going to the conference!)

5. Continue to develop my blog to be a marketing tool for my writing.

I’m definitely not there yet. But I contemplated this and I’ve made some strides. I hope to continue to do so in 2013.

Non-Writing Goals for 2012 (this is where things get dicey)

1. Get into some level of physical fitness after Baby #2 is born. Like, enough that I could go on a backpacking trip with Hubby and not get left in his dust.

Well, I weigh less than I did before I got pregnant with #1, so that’s something. In shape and backpacking? Yeah, not so much.

2. Read 50 books. (I came close this year).

I’m at 46. Tossup if I’ll be able to add 4 more.

3. Make better use of our CSA portion this year.

Yay! Totally did this. Sad we won’t be able to afford it next year, but there is a really good farmer’s market close to our house now, so hopefully we can keep supporting local farmers.

4. Watch less TV.

Done! Not difficult. Probably because I now spend way too much time on the Internet.

5. Find a better, more organized filing system that works continuously. (This has been a perpetual resolution since I moved in with Hubby 6ish years ago. I’m still searching).

The search continues.

I’ll be posting my 2013 goals some time next week.

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