Fiction Meet Reality

Over Labor Day weekend my family traveled up to Iowa to my grandpa’s airport and his annual fly-in. We also got to see extended family and had a great (albeit exhausting) time.

If you’ve read Flight Risk or plan on reading it, I thought I’d share some pictures that give you an idea of what Antiques in Flight looks like in its real life form as Antique Airfield.


At the beginning of chapter two, Callie is driving to the airport. That’s what her drive looks a bit like.
Or you can check out this vine video.


Here are my two sons looking out over the runway from the window in my grandpa’s office. In Flight Risk Em and Callie look out this window. Of course, they see something a little more interesting than planes. 🙂


This is the main office.


Under this overhang is where Em’s mandatory lunches take place.


And a beautiful sunset, much like the night of Shelby’s graduation party.

Here’s a plane landing on the grass runway.


And some planes flying over the “big house”


It’s been fun to populate a real place with fictional people, and I’m so happy I get to keep doing it. Lawson’s story has just been approved and will come out next year, and I’m currently working on Em’s story. There’s even a little possibility Shelby may get a book of her own as well.

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