I am halfway through my current WIP, both in chapters and in words.  I cannot believe how productive August has been for me.

The M&B Medical Fast track really lit a fire in me.  The whole eharlequin community that I began to follow made me realize that publication really is possible.  And so, I became dedicated to my writing in a way that I really have never been before.

In the past month, I have written 90,000 words.  90,000! That equals about 3,000 words per day.  I have never ever been this prolific before and I really could have been.  I’ve worked part time, had summers off, and at that point in my life had NO BABY.

It’s kind of amazing to realize how much time I wasted.  But, I’m not going to let it go to waste any longer!  (That is my new mantra).

I am worried about how going back to work in late September is going to affect my productivity, but even if it cuts it down by a half, that’s still 1500 words per day and that’s pretty fantastic.

Now, I guess my housework has suffered a little bit by this new found productivity, but who cares about a few dirty dishes and an overflowing trash can?  And the bedroom?  Just close the door when company comes over.  Or, better yet, never have company!

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