I try to keep blog posts scheduled for a week in advance for a couple reasons.  First, in case I have to work (and starting the 15th I will be working every day).  Second, because I  blogging whenever an idea strikes works for me, but having 4-5 posts one day and then none for 3 days doesn’t work well.

That being said, NaNo has definitely depleted my post reserves.  I try to put all of my words into NaNo.  So far, I have had a lot of success and made it well beyond my word count each day, knowing that pretty soon real life is going to get in the way and I will need those extra words.

I love the first week of NaNo.  Just like I love writing beginnings.  Everything is all fresh and new and has endless possibility.  Second week is usually where some of that shine wears off.

I liken this to moving.  We moved a lot when I was a kid, and I would psych myself up by telling myself I had this new beginning.  I could recreate myself.  Be whoever I wanted to be, and it was going to be awesome.  I would be totally ready for it, excited, everything was shiny and new.

And then…

I would get to lunch and have to eat by myself (or mistakenly eat lunch in the lunch detention area…).  And the shiny and new?  Didn’t seem so fantastic.  In fact, it totally sucked.

I’m hoping this second week is no “alone at lunch”, but you just never know what you’re going to get.  The best I can do is sit down and try each day to get something down.  Even if I don’t make it to 50,000 words, I did something.  And that’s important!

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