A Whole Lotta Nothing

I usually write my posts over the weekend, and schedule them for the morning of each weekday.  I usually just don’t have the time to dedicate to the blog during the week when I am working full time.

But, I couldn’t think of anything for Thursday this weekend, so I figured I could tackle one post this week.  And I thought about it every day this week, but after hearing that SYTYCW responses were starting to head out, my brain kind of fizzled and died and all of my internet time was spent stalking both my inbox and other entrants experiences via blogs & the eharlequin community.

I’m still on the waiting bench… hoping no news is good news (please, please).  Anybody else out there waiting with me?

3 thoughts on “A Whole Lotta Nothing

  1. No news seems to be good news. From what I’ve heard the form rejections went out first but there have more recently been others that sound as though those entrants were short listed. So fingers crossed Nicole!

  2. So glad I found you girls and that I’m not alone in wondering when the shoe will fall! Good luck! Fingers crossed we hear something soon, even an R would be appreciated because I seriously don’t want to go into the weekend waiting for Monday (Again)


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