If I Write It…

As of February 19th, I will be free once again to stay at home a majority of the week.  (WEEEEEE!).  In light of that, I have quite a few goals to work on once I am FREE (Freeeeeee!).  I’ll spare you the ones about cleaning my house, FINALLY losing this baby weight, or actually getting outside this spring, and focus on what this blog is about: writing.

1. Find a CP.  (Anybody looking for one?)  I’ll probably post on eharl again.  Unfortunately my last try didn’t work out, simply because life got in the way for the CPs I’d found.

2. Use my giftpoints to get an upgraded membership at writing.com.  I was a part of a romance critique group there a few years ago that was somewhat helpful.  Unfortunately, it was a little paranormal heavy which just isn’t my favorite thing to read.

3. Enter another contest by March 1st.  (Maybe 2).

4. Finish my WIP by the end of March.  According to some eHarl sources they are going to try to do an American editor’s pitch sometime.  I would love to have this WIP done so I could pitch it, because I think it’s got a great hook.  And, as I mentioned yesterday, I’ve finally gotten through my head some of the mistakes I’ve been making.

I figure if I put this out there in writing, I might hold myself more accountable.  =)

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