On ReWriting: Struggles

My current WIP is a rewrite, and as I’m working through it, I’m realizing some things about rewriting, my process, etc.

First of all, some background: I came up with the basic premise of this novel seven years ago, and last year (about this same time actually), I sat down and worked on writing the novel to completion.  I entered it into a contest, submitted it to a publisher, and then realized that there was something missing (hero conflict, surprise, surprise).

In January, after my SYTYCW rejection’s comments (on a different, unrelated story), I decided to take all of my new found knowledge and work on a rewrite.  I got serious about finding a good fit for a CP, and really focused on my problem areas.

I’m loving the direction this rewrite is going.  I feel like I’ve addressed some of my problem areas while still staying true to ‘my voice.’  I’m not done yet, but I’m feeling positive about the direction my writing is going.

Still, amongst that general feeling of positivity is the day to day doubts, questions, frustrations.  Part of this stems from the fact that these characters have been in my head for seven years.  Seven!  That’s a long time.  I’m writing their story for the second time in a year, and there are times I get frustrated that I’m not done yet.  There are times when, as much as I love these guys, I just want to write the end and move on.

Another problem to this is that I have written certain scenes so many times in my head over the course of seven years, that when I actually sit down to write them, I can’t get it out the way I want.  I’m not sure if it’s burnout or overthinking or what, but it never matches up to the vision that was in my head.

I have so many story ideas that have been with me this long, stories I plan to write.  But sometimes I am reticent because I don’t want to be in this place again.

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