Friday Reads: Yours by Design

There’s so much buzz about this book in my twitter stream and blog feeds that it feels like I’m preaching to the choir if I talk about it, but this week I read Shannon Stacey’s Yours By Design.

I love a light-hearted read. I think it’s incredibly hard to write light-hearted romance that has enough conflict to really keep a reader reading. Many of my first romances were light-hearted, conflicts that weren’t deep seated or horribly emotional, and you know what? They were BORING. So, I always appreciate an author who can create something so normal but still have it be an engaging read.

Also, I loved the ending of this book so much. Really. It’s adorable and plausible and adorable all over again. Something I should have seen coming, but didn’t. Something that should feel contrived, but doesn’t. It is definitely one of my favorite romance endings ever.

And, even better, there are more family members to come from this series!

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