Friday Reads: Autobuy

I am always interested in people’s autobuys. For a very long time, I only had one Autobuy author. I’m glad to have expanded my list this past year. While every once in a while these authors might write a book I’m not in love with, more often than not they do. And even the ones I don’t loooove, I still usually get through it and find some pieces of enjoyment.

My Autobuy authors

Nora Roberts

Jill Shalvis

Julie James

Sarah Mayberry

Karina Bliss

My Almost Autobuy Author

Shannon Stacey

Victoria Dahl


(I’ll buy any of their fulllength contemporary. Dahl also writes historicals, a subgenre I’m not keen on, and Stacey writes novellas occasionally, a format I’m reticent to dive into.)

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