October Hodgepodge

Wow, I honestly can’t believe October has snuck up on me.  My baby is 9 months old, I’m working a few days a week, and Halloween decorations are popping out at my house.

I’ve gotten the first chapter of my WIP written, and I’m feeling like I kind of suck at first chapters.  I learned from my medical rejection that I do have a tendency to info dump/start somewhere boring, so I’ve really been trying to work on that.  Only, with this story, I’m not sure how to set the story up at the point of change without a little bit of setup.  Also, not sure if the point of change is when the heroine comes back to her childhood home, or when she’s asked to help out her best friend.  These are the times I could use a CP.

But, speaking of first chapters, over at New Voices, I’m again wishing I had submitted a different first chapter.  They’re giving away the opportunity to get feedback (chosen randomly), and I honestly haven’t put my name in because I know the big, major flaw with my chapter.  Though editor feedback is invaluable, for this particular ms, I’ve got a pretty good pulse on the issues.

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