McLeod’s Daughters

I am kind of a TV junkie.  I have seen every episode of too many TV series to mention.  And some shows really stick with me, and when shows end abruptly with no resolution, I can stew about it for years (Caroline in the City!).

A few years ago, WE or some channel like it aired an Australian show called McLeod’s Daughters.  I don’t know how I started watching it, but one show and I was hooked.  It was one of those shows that stuck with me, that I thought about when I wasn’t watching.  The last episode I watch I remember as vividly as some movies I’ve seen over and over even though I have only seen it once.

One of the main characters was killed off, and I was so upset by this because of course she was my favorite character and her romance my favorite in the show.  But, the way the show did it was as good as any book–and I say that being a devout book lover.

Perhaps it’s age or maturity, but I don’t find that kind of TV much anymore.  The kind that sticks with you, that stands up to the written word.  I hope it is age, not that TV and movies have become less meaningful, less powerful, less important in a culture that seems to celebrate all three along with ignorance.

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