I’ve Always Been Waiting

I’m accustomed to waiting.  When I was younger, I was always excited for the next step in life.  I was always waiting to get somewhere else.  It’s funny that now that I’ve learned better how to live in the moment, I’ve thrown myself into the interminable waits of slush pile.

As of today I have hit the fifteen week mark on my revise and resubmit.  That’s from the day I got the automated “we got it” email, not from the date I sent it (that would make it sixteen weeks).

I know with the holidays and all I may see a little bit longer wait, but I’ll be honest to say I was expecting to hear a response by now.  Unrealistic?  Probably.  But, the idea was there in my head.

I’m really curious about the results of this one because it was a revise & resubmit (through normal submission channels).  I know they liked something in my writing since they encouraged me to resubmit a better version, so I admit my hopes are a little higher than they might be with just a general send & hope for the best.

I’m also waiting on my SYTYCW entry, though I imagine most responses on those will come in the last days of January.  I am also curious about that one because my “first page” was chosen for one of the contests and the editor mentioned she would be interested to read more.  So, it also garnered some interest before I sent it in.

Mainly, I am trying not to think about it… and mainly I don’t have time to!  But every time Tuesday comes around I’m sitting at my calendar counting how many weeks it’s been!

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