Sometimes, you fall in love

Back in the beginning-ish of March, eHarlequin announced an editor’s pitch for the Medical Line. Since I still have a partial in with them I haven’t heard back on, and I had positive feedback from the fast-track even though the response was an R, I decided to enter.

This meant finishing my current WIP (which I did), and getting a partial completed before the pitch (which I have also accomplished).

Originally, I told my CP that if I didn’t get picked for the pitch contest (which I did not), I’d push this book to the backburner and start a different one. Because when I was starting the first chapter, I didn’t like this book. I mean, I still loved my characters, but I was just in this first chapter blah, blah, blah.

This is the first time I have started a book with a blah feeling. Usually the first few chapters is when I’m all excited and it’s the middle when I get all blase, or the end. Never the beginning. So, I figured I just wasn’t set to write it right now. Maybe in the future.

But then! This past weekend, I emailed chapter three to my CP, and guess what I said? Even if I don’t get picked to pitch, I’m going to finish this one because I’m enjoying it. And even though I did not get picked, I am almost twenty thousand words into it and still liking it, still wanting to write it… which is a shock to me!

I guess what I’m learning is that no matter what, no project works the same for me. I kind of figured there’d be this process, or schedule (since I like those so much), I’d follow with each WIP once I found my groove, but each book has taken a life of it’s own with it’s own unique process.

I think that’s what I love about writing. It’s never the same; it’s always growing, evolving, and each project brings with it new fascinating surprises.

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