My Notebook


This is my notebook. I don’t write actually parts of my novels in it. No this is my “business notebook.”My Mom got me this for Christmas. Even though I don’t write historical, I love history and all things old. I love the silhouette portrait, the old print, and the fact that it’s dated April which is my favorite month.

First page, this is my submissions records. I’ve tried doing this online or on my itouch, but honestly writing it out is the best method for me. I can note if I got feedback, when I can expect a response, and color code things. (Highlighted are MSs that moved on to another round in a contest or got a partial/full request. Blanks are things I have yet to hear back on). I started submitting in March of 2010 and that starts with my first poorly researched, immaturely written attempt.

Inspired by the Maya Banks link from yesterday, I made myself a “business plan.” It’s a list of specific goals for July & August. September is currently blank because I should be hearing back on a lot of submissions in July & August and that will determine my goals for September.

I also list long range goals at the bottom like saving up enough money to join RWA by next year.

I like writing with goals in mind. It keeps me accountable. Before I allowed myself to think I had a chance at being published, I would have these big, broad ‘someday’ goals. Someday, I’ll finish another novel. Someday I’ll be published. Someday… And all that someday wasn’t motivating, and I didn’t spend my time writing. I need the specifics and the breakdowns and I need to believe they will get me where I want to be.


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