Slice of Life Thursday: Weddings!

I love weddings. Even when I don’t know the couple getting married that well, weddings are just fun. I also love wrapping presents. My Grandma was and my Mom is amazing at this skill, and while I sometimes lack their patience, I still do love to try to make a present look pretty.

This past weekend we attended a wedding for one of my husband’s coworkers. For their gift, we got them one of those cupcake caddies that was on their registry. I bought some wrapping paper and cute ribbon with some ideas on how I was going to wrap this big, circular gift, got home, and… nothing worked.

I wrapped it twice before giving up and going to look for a gift bag. Only, I couldn’t find a gift bag big enough! Finally I came up with the idea of using ribbon as a psuedo wrapping paper.

Here is the debris of my many attempts at wrapping:

(The pink & purple is from my SIL’s bday gift).

Here is the end result, which I have to admit I’m pretty proud of even if it isn’t 100% perfect:

Even though it took way too much time, I had fun. Now I just can’t wait to start wrapping Christmas presents!

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