What I’m Reading

I haven’t had the best week, and instead of letting myself whine about it (too much) I forced myself to read whenever I was feeling whiny. Which means I read 2 books in 2 days. Reading is one of those things I can do while I’m feeding the baby, so unlike writing, I’m getting a lot of it done.

This week I saw Nora Roberts’ Mackade books were on sale. I used to have a copy of The Fall of Shane Mackade, but I lent it to a friend who never gave it back. (Ah, the beauty of ebooks). I remember liking his story, partially because he’s a farmer, partially because while I don’t like ghosts as a rule, the way Nora combines them with history almost always works for me. So, bought the ebook and read it in a day. It’s still good, though maybe not *quite* as good as I remember.

Then, I downloaded The Bro Magnet because it was free on Amazon and I’d heard quite a bit about it. I do not like first person point of view. I’ve tried, but I just don’t ever make it past the first chapter. I read this whole book… in one day. It’s funny, very odd, but a unique different read. There were some points I didn’t like, but overall it was an interesting read.

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