Friday Reads: The Guilt Factor

I haven’t actually finished a book this week and that’s mainly because I’ve been trying to get through a book I just can’t get into. The problem is, every time I set it away as DNF, I get a severe attack of guilt. This isn’t some book that I picked up myself, you see, it’s a book that was recomended to me.

This is why I actually kind of dread it when people personally recomend me books, especially if they gush and gush about how good they are because then if I don’t agree, I feel inexplicably guilty.

I *want* to like this book, but I just can’t, and when I have to give the book back to the lender, they are going to ask me how I like it and I am either going to have to uncofortably say, “it wasn’t for me” or lie.

Does anyone else feel guilty when they end up not liking or not being able to finish a book?

2 thoughts on “Friday Reads: The Guilt Factor

  1. Ahoy there! Found you on Twitter via the #1k1h tag. About finishing books though, I harbor no guilt whatsoever. My time is precious so if I can’t get interested within the first half hour, there are countless more books to try. 🙂 Good luck on your quest of finding a great book!

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